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Disinfectant can be poured in to make cleaning items more secure


Scentaura dual action Cleanliness & Fragrance


Wearing clothes with the charm of Cleanliness & Fragrance with Easy to Carry anywhere

Scentaura is a vegan brand
We are Animal Lover – Scentaura does not test on animals and does not use animal ingredients

“No more the alcohol smell of regular hand sanitizer, Scentaura with the fragrance of famous perfumes” An attractive scent (Scentaura) has the power to change a person's mood. How to deliver information that is more powerful than it looks – fragrance.

Inspired By
The Importance of Fragrance

Unlike other sensory organs, the sense of smell is stimulated in 0.3 seconds through direct contact with the brain.Humans use 25% of their sense of touch, 35% of their sight, and 50% of their sense of smell It is 100 times more effective to remember by smelling than by seeing, hearing, and touching

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